Supermarkets in Carmelitas

Stock Located within Shopping del Sol, this large supermarket also has a food court. Tel: 021 611 822/7, Shopping del Sol,, daily 7am-10pm (food court does not open till 8am)

Casa Rica Specializing in gourmet foods with an emphasis on German imports, Casa Rica is a great source for specialty foods in Asuncion from hard to find spices to imported beers. Tel: 021 607 937, corner of Aviadores del Chaco and San Martin (at the end of Avenida Espana),, Mon-Sat 7:30am-8:30pm, Sun 8am-1pm

Supermarkets in Carmelitas Photo Gallery

S. Ernst Rosenow, had laid the mine on 25 April 1917. The steamer was en route from London to Methil with a cargo of coal; two crewmen were lost. The wreck is orientated in a S by W to N by E direction. It lies on a firm seabed of sand, stone and shells, in a general depth of 42 m (LAT). The wreck is broken into two main sections and is well smashed up and decayed, but still very substantial, with the highest parts standing over 8 m from the seabed. The wreck covers an area 90 m long and 23 m across and lots of flattened pipes, brass valves, iron/steel wheels and cogs, an anchor windlass, lengths of chain and two anchors lie intermingled with the mound of broken machinery and twisted steel plates. Soft corals adorn the highest sections around the boilers and shoaling fish, mainly bib and pollack, are fairly common during the summer months. The Driebergen was a steel-hulled 5,231-ton Netherlands steam cargo ship measuring 122.53 m in length, with a 17. 67-m beam and an 8.22-m draught. New Waterway Shipbuilding Co. Schiedam built and completed her as Yard No.116 in November 1923; she was launched on 25 August 1923 for N.V. Furness Scheepvaart and Agentuur Mij. Rotterdam. The single screw was powered by a 343-nhp, D.R. -geared steam turbine that used three boilers and gave 12.5 knots. Metropolitan Vickers Electrical Co. Ltd, Manchester manufactured the engine and ancillary machinery. The wreck, which is probably that of the Driebergen, is orientated in a SE to NW direction, with the bows detached. It lies on a seabed of sand, mud, black shells and rock in a general depth of 54 metres (LAT). The wreck is uptight and mostly intact, standing over 6.5 m high amidships around the partially collapsed superstructure. The bows lie to the SE, are broken off and lying intact close by the main wreckage. It is very substantial and covers an area 81 m long and 19 m across, with lots of broken debris strewn around nearby.

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