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Visitors to the Insect Museum at 71 Chinan Street can admire the colourful display of all the 400 or so species of butterfly found on Taiwan.

In the middle of a magnificent park on the south-western edge of the town centre stands the massive Chiang Kai-shek (Chung Cheng) Memorial Hall, which was opened on April 4th 1980. The building stands 70m/230ft tall and is a classic example of Chinese architecture. The 80m/260ft wide and 30m/100ft tall entrance gate to the 25ha/62 acre park is also most imposing.

Between the entrance gate and the Memorial Hall stand the National Concert Hall and the National Theatre.

Hsing Tien temple, on Sungchiang Street on the north-eastern edge of the city centre, is dedicated to the God of War Kuan Kung (Kuan Yu), an important figure featured in the Chinese classic “The Adventure Story of the Three Kingdoms”.

To the north-west of Hsing Tien Temple, between Mintsu Street and the Keelung river, stands the modern Municipal Art Museum.

To the west, opposite the Art Museum, an old Chinese village has been re-constructed and given the name “Yesterday’s World”.

The Temple of Confucius further to the north-west is not actually a place of worship but rather a memorial to the academic and philosopher who is still revered by many Chinese. Commemorative celebrations are held on September 28th, his birthday, together with Ming style court dancing. The peaceful temple surroundings are very conducive to quiet contemplation.

The Taoist Pao An Temple will be found in Hami Street. It dates from the 17th c. making it one of the oldest temples on Taiwan.

Linchi Temple in Chiuchuan Street exudes an atmosphere of mystical peace and quietness.

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