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SE of it was a baptistery with central pool, initially cruciform but later refashioned as a smaller octagon. The baptistery is built over an earlier small baths complex. These two buildings had mosaic pavements, only partly preserved: in the basilica, along the N and S sides of the raised presbytery, a series of panels with geometric motifs; on the presbytery the depiction, unique in the West, of the OT scene of the lion and ox reconciled in the kingdom, eating hay together Is 11:6 with the words: leo et bos simul p aleas manducabunt. In the baptistery figurative themes prevail: the oceans, two ducks, two fish, two dolphins and a single biblical reference, the deer at the spring Ps 42:1. While the complex was first dated to the 2nd half of the 4th c. study of the mosaics and architecture, as well as historical and topographical data, led me to date the initial phase of the complex to the early 6th c. attributing its construction to orthodox African bishops who took refuge in Corsica during the reign of Thrasamund 496 523. Corsica like Sardinia was in fact a Vandal province from 455533. New stratigraphic data 2003 from the excavation of the sealed layers under the base of the mosaics, which were taken up in 2002, lead us now to move the date of the construction of the episcopal complex to the 2nd half of the 6th c. i.e. after the Byzantine reconquest of Corsica.

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Zenger, John Peter (16971746) John Peter Zenger was a mildly successful, but constantly in debt, printer in New York. Tajikistan Metro Map He was little known until he became involved in a struggle between rival city political factions that led to his arrest on a charge of criminal libel. His subsequent trial has become a part of Country legend related to freedom of the press. Zenger was born in the Rhine Valley of Germany in what is now Bavaria in 1697. His family immigrated to New York as part of a group of 3,000 Germans sent by England’s Queen Anne in a scheme to produce naval stores for the English navy. As indentured servants, the immigrants were obligated to pledge seven years of service to their masters in return for freedom and a grant of land. The plans went awry, however, when many of the refugees, including Zenger’s father, died in the harsh conditions of the transatlantic voyage. His mother, Johanna, was left with three children in a strange land with no means of support.

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