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Tanggangzi thermal baths (Tanggangzi Wenquan)

The Temple ofthe Spring of Dragons (Longquan Si), named after the spring which bubbles forth here, was – according to tradition – built in 1558, although some rooms appear older.

3km/2 miles west of this temple stands the highest monastery in the Qianshan Mountains, the Temple of Universal Peace (Pu’an Guan). From here the visitor can climb the peak of Wufo Ding (Peak ofthe Five Buddhas), from where there is a superb view.

These popular baths, lying 10km/6 miles south of Anshan and accessible by train from there, date from the time ofthe Yin Emperor Taizong, who visited them in 1130. There is a park with eighteen springs in all, with water containing a number of minerals (including radium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus); the temperatures range from 55 to 70°C/130to 158°F. The waters are used mainly for the treatment of rheumatism.

In the park will be found the villa in which Pu Yin resided in the 1930s; it is now a sanatorium for workers.

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