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No matter what species you are fishing for, resist the temptation to use swivels, snelled hooks, and excess weight. Use only enough weight to get your hook down where you want it. Swivels are not really effective against line twist and their presence can alert a wary fish. Snelled hooks are fine for bottom feeders such as eels and bullheads but are worthless for trout. The line used on commercially made snelled hooks is usually too thick and stiff for trout fishing. Better to tie a hook directly to your line.

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Chiefy Rozer made me feel I was back on the poop deck of the Valvata among the blaspheming deckhands. He was a rough, unsmiling man for the college to choose to train cadets. Rough unsmiling men of fiction generally had a heart of gold, but not Chiefy. He had a cold heart of ship’s brass, or perhaps a black heart, or maybe no heart at all. He hated most people, particularly cadets. He swore continuously and viciously, he humiliated us whenever he could, singling out and holding hapless cadets to ridicule, inviting everyone to join in the debasement. Chiefy was an ex-RN chief petty officer, retired some 20 years back. Since then he had been warden of Queen Anne Terrace, in charge of cadet discipline for the School of Navigation, and lecturer for close-to-the-salt knowledge such as practical seamanship and survival training. I disliked him: most people did; some hated him. It was not until years later that it dawned on me that this was what he wanted; a bonded group of cadets, bonded by their common dislike of him.

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