The Most Unique Festivals in Colorado

The most unique festivals in Colorado frozen dead guy days located in Netherland celebrates one of the residents who was cryogenic frozen in a shed of dry ice they celebrate the first full week of March every year with coffin races, a coffin parade, concerts, Polar Plunge, street performers, turkey bowling and street readings skijoring in Leadville involves racing down Main Street on skis behind a horse while hitting jumps and collecting rings hanging on the side of the course this takes place usually in late winter ullr fest in Breckenridge gives tribute to the nors god of snow cooler complete with the parade world’s largest shot ski and the burning of skis as a sacrifice to Ullr for more snow vinotok, crestted buttes Harvest Festival.

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Seems more like a Burning Man. people frolic around elk street and medieval attire and later burn the grump as a way to rid the gripe between each other nature community and ourselves burro days in fairplay celebrates the role of the burro in old mining days the festival includes burro races, llama races, gold panning, dog races, a parade, outhouse races, local music arts crafts and food booths, a barbecue, pancake breakfast, barn dance and a cowboy church the burro races are original Colorado sport be sure to check out my other posts the most beautiful waterfalls, the most interesting places, the best swimming areas, the best ghost towns, the San Juans and more also be sure to comment for more upcoming posts like the best caves, events, hot springs and more follow the adventure live on snapchat username ryks.

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