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The hotel is a smooth 45-minute limousine ride from Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The Siam can arrange an airport transfer. The property is located in Bangkok’s historical Dusit district. Arrival at The Siam. The property is located in Bangkok’s historical Dusit district. The area is home to several tourist sights (e.g. temples, museums, royal palace, and zoo). The Dusit district is one of Bangkok’s most covered areas. Let’s tour The Siam’s lobby & public areas. The hotel boasts a stunning courtyard lobby, located under a glass pyramid. The lobby features black & white marble checkered floors .

An exquisite collection of museum worthy antiques is on display. The lobby has a fountain at its heart. The Siam mixes Art Deco style with traditional Thai heritage. Several galleries surround the fountain. They house the reception area, a curio shop, and a lovely cafe with outdoor terrace. An indoor bridge leads to the main hotel building. This elegant, light-filled walkway feels like a spaceship. The main building features a three storey high atrium. The atrium overlooks a water pond, filled with soaring banana palms and hanging ferns. Most suites are located within this atrium building.

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The atrium also houses a retro cinema room, a library, a gym, and an excellent spa. The Siam is a tranquil and super chic retreat’. It feels miles away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. The Siam is a tranquil and superchic retreat. The Siam is owned by the Sukosol family. The hotel was conceived by Krissada Sukosol Clapp and acclaimed architect Bill. The hotel’s story started more than 40 years ago. In 1973, Kamol Sukosol acquired the land that The Siam is set on. Kamol distributed America’s General Electric goods. He was also the exclusive importer of Japan’s Mazda automobiles to the kingdom. Kamol used the land as his private pier. Prior to The Siam’s conception, the land had been leased to a local seafood restaurant.

The lease expired in 2005. The Sukosal family was left to consider the future of their plot of prime riverfront. my lease expired in 2005. Sohosa) ,family was left to consider th9 future of . The family decided to build a hotel on the land. They brought Bill Bensley on board to create a truly exceptional property. The hotel’s mastermind is Krissada Sukosol Clapp. Krissada Sukosol Clapp is a famous Thai musician and actor. The Siam opened in 2012. Since then, the hotel has been in Bangkok’. The Siam is part of the Sukosol Hotels Collectic. This is a portfolio of independently owned and operated properties in Thai. Besides The Siam, the Sukosol Hotels Group compris. The Sukosol Bangkok, The Siam Bayshore Pattaya, and Wava Pattaya.

The hotel’s atrium houses a beautiful library. The library looks like an elegant space from the 1920s. The room connects to a retro cinema room. The library. The room is regularly used for movie screenings. This E.T. The model was used to promote the movie in a Thai theme. An E.T. The statue is the cinema room’s eye cat This E.T. model was used to promote the movie in a Thai theater in t. Have you ever stayed at The Siam?. If yes, what was your experience? Leave a comment. Guests receive a delicious tropical juice upon arrival A refreshing cold towel is offered as well. A color scheme of black & white is combined with natural textures such as wood & stone. The Siam’s design is inspired by Paris’ Musee d’Orsay.

The Siam has 28 suites, all fitted with plush furnishings and lofty ceilings. I stayed in this suite during my visit. Room category: Siam suite (entry level room category). Tip: get complimentary VIP perks via Virtuoso. This includes an upgrade, daily breakfast, and $100 USD food credit (link below post). The suite has a stylish art deco salon. It is equipped with a TV, comfortable couch, and a minibar display. The minibar is well stocked. All items are chargeable. The salon extends into a separate bedroom. The bedroom features a supersized king bed and a cozy sitting area. The room features heavy dark wood furniture. It is decorated with original turn of the century oriental artwork. The suites at The Siam are among the largest in (Bangkok Each room has been individually designed with antiques. Some suites feature a veranda or terrace.

Each room is catered for by a personal butler. The bathroom’s eye Catcher is a cavernous bathtub. There’s also a separate shower & toilet cubicle. The bathroom features his and her sinks. The glittering sinks sit atop marble counters. The atrium is also home to a vinyl room. It houses a substantial and impressive collection of curio items. Photos of monarchs and jazz stars hang on;. A vintage leopard skin lays sprawled over a grand piano. First-edition albums by the Beatles are found These albums sit beside a record player, waiting to be enjoyed. Let’s explore The Siam’s outdoor areas. The hotel gardens feature water ponds, lush walkways, and a river-front pool area. The gardens are also home to ten hunting.

These villas bask in either Thai, Chinese or Colonial surrounds. The gardens are also home to ten intimately priVate. The Siam’s most expensive villa is Connie’s Cottage. This is a traditional Thai teak house that has been transformed into a ruStic pool cottage. Several sun loungers are placed along the pool. There’s also a small bar next to the pool that serves drinks and finger foods. The pool overlooks the Chao Phraya, River of I4. The Chao Phraya River flows through Bangkok and then into the Gulf of”. The pool overlooks the Chao Phraya, River of Kings The Chao Phraya River flows through Bangkok and then into the Gulf of Thailand. The River of Kings is the lifeblood of Bangkok Around 50,000 people use the river ferries to get around each day. Next to the pool area is Chon Thai Restaurant.

The restaurant is housed within a cluster of three, century-old Thai teakwood houses. Chao Praya serves traditional, home-cooked. The restaurant is housed within a cluster of three, century-old Thai te. Thai cooking classes are offered at Chon Thai restaurant. The private cooking classes are available with or without a local market tour. The Siam offers a wide range of experiences. This includes river cruises and neighborhood walks. The Siam is a great hotel for exploring Bangkok. Many of Bangkok’s tourist attractions are within easy reach of the hotel (by boat). Bangkok’s most famous tourist attractions are. The Royal Palace, the Wat Arun Temple, and the Wat Po temple. Every room at The Siam has a Portier smartphone . It covers all Wi-Fi hotspots in Bangkok & features on-the-go guides (perfect for exploring). The Siam has a pier on the river. It features a beautiful terrace on a floating wooden deck.

The pier offers a great view of the sunset (shown later). The floating pontoon is a great location for a pre-dinner cocktail. The river is home to enormous monitor lizards. Although they look frightening, the lizards are not dangerous to humans. The lizards eat mainly dead fish, turtles and birds. Some people in Thailand believe the monitor lizard is a sign of good luck afy. Let’s explore the hotel’s other bars & restaurants. The Deco Bar & Bistro is located behind the river-front Chon Thai Restaurant. Below the bar is the res. The casual chic dining venue serves. Next to Deco Bar & Bistro are several old houses. These Thai teak wood houses can be used for private events and dinners. The wood houses are part of Chon Thai Rest? They offer a touch of local culture and history to any dining experience. the main atrium building,

The Siam features an excellent spa. The award-winning Opium Spa is located in the cellar of the main atrium building. Tailored multi-day spa packages are offered. Tailored multi-day spa packages are. These are supervised by internationally renowned wellness experts. This is a sacred Thai tattoo steeped in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Guests can also receive a ‘sak yant’ at the spa This is a sacred Thai tattoo steeped in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Above the spa, also within the atrium building, is a gym. The gym features a Muay Thai boxing ring (boxing classes are offered). The Siam is well positioned along the river for watching the sunset. The day comes to an end The Siam is well positioned along the river for watching the sunset. Guests can choose from an Asian menu (Chon Thai) or Western menu (Deco Bistro).

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