The Ultimate Guide To Bulgaria: The European Country With Worsley

Start planning your visit to Bulgaria today with our quick and easy guide on everything you need to know about the country. From what hotels to stay at, the best day trips, and the best places to eat and drink, we cover it all!

Map of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country located in southeastern Europe. The country’s borders are with Greece to the north, Turkey to the east, Serbia and Macedonia to the south, and Romania to the west. Bulgaria is over 33,000 square kilometers in size and has a population of 7.2 million people.

The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia. Bulgaria has a diverse landscape including mountains, rivers, and lakes. The climate in Bulgaria is temperate with average annual temperatures ranging from 10 degrees Celsius in the south to 18 degrees Celsius in the north.

Bulgaria has a rich history dating back thousands of years. The first human inhabitants of Bulgaria were the Thracians who lived in present-day northeastern Bulgaria. The area now known as Bulgaria was occupied by the Roman Empire in 27 BC. After the fall of Rome, Bulgaria became part of the Byzantine Empire and later emerged as an independent kingdom under Boris I (852-889). Bulgaria reached its greatest territorial extent under Michael I (1185-1207) and Ivan Asen II (1218-1241).

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How to Plan a Trip?

If you’re thinking of visiting Bulgaria, there are a few things you’ll need to know in advance. Here’s our guide on how to plan your perfect trip!

What to do in Bulgaria?

There’s plenty to do in Bulgaria, whether you’re looking for a relaxed holiday with stunning scenery or want to explore the vibrant city life. Here are our top picks:

-Visit one of the country’s many ancient monasteries, such as Rila Monastery or St Nedelya Abbey.

-Explore Sofia, the capital city, and its historic neighbourhoods, such as Vitosha and Tundzha.

-Take a hike in the Pirin Mountains or wander among the wine vineyards of Plovdiv.

-Visit one of Bulgaria’s famous resorts, such as Bansko or Borovets, and enjoy some lively nightlife.

the ultimate guide to bulgaria the european country with worsley

What to Eat in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is known for its delicious cuisine, ranging from authentic Turkish mezes to hearty Bulgarian soups. Here are some of the best food options in Bulgaria:

• Traditional Turkish mezes like börek, kebabs, and asparagus wrapped in a dough pastry.

• Bulgarian soups like the creamy borscht and hearty beef soup with dumplings.

• Fresh fruits like watermelon and grapes.

• Delicious bakery items like cheese pastries, fig bars, and brioche rolls.

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Areas in the City to Stay

Bulgaria is a country with a lot to offer visitors, from its stunningly beautiful mountainous landscapes to the vibrant cities. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday or want to explore the country’s many attractions, this is the guide for you!

The best places to stay in Bulgaria vary depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, consider staying in one of the country’s many natural hot springs. Alternatively, if you want to explore the city and its attractions, choose one of the city’s top hotels.

Whatever your preference, we’ve got you covered with our guide to staying in Bulgaria!

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Places to Go on Holiday

Bulgaria is a European country with a lot to offer tourists. Here are some of the best places to visit on holiday in Bulgaria:

1. Rila National Park – This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bulgaria, and for good reason. The park features spectacularly preserved glaciers and peaks, as well as lakes, rivers and forests.

2. Plitvice Lakes National Park – This UNESCO World Heritage Site is another must-see destination in Bulgaria. The lakes are filled with crystal clear water, beautiful woods and stunning scenery.

3. Sunny Beach – This lively beach town is perfect for a relaxing holiday. It has plenty of bars, restaurants and nightclubs, as well as plenty of activities to keep visitors entertained.

4. Sveti Vlas – This charming medieval town is located in the Central Rhodope Mountains and offers a wealth of historical attractions. Highlights include the monastery of Sveti Vlas and the town’s beautiful churches and squares.

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If you’re planning a trip to Bulgaria, be sure to check out our guide! This European country has much to offer tourists, including beautiful countryside, interesting history, and plenty of cultural experiences. Whether you’re looking for things to do in the city or want to explore some of the more remote areas of the country, we’ve got you covered. And if travel isn’t your cup of tea but you still want to learn about Bulgaria and its people, be sure to read our article on Bulgarian culture. From there, it’s up to you whether or not you decide make a trip down south!

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