Top 10 London Rooftop Bars

1.Frank’s Cafe

Frank’s Café is Peckman’s well known summer only rooftop bar that is situated on the brink of a multi-story car park. During hot days, one can expect a long queue of people ordering the famous Frank’s-Campari based cocktail on the billowing red canopy.

2.Culpeper Roof Garden

Besides being a trendy rooftop bar, the Culpeper’s rooftop space is also used to grow vegetables for use in its own kitchen. The rooftop with its beautiful greenhouse bar produces cocktails that use fresh ingredients such as herbs from its vegetable beds.

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3.Dalston Roof Park

Dalston Roof Park has quickly snowballed into a versatile space suitable for various occasions. The main bar area consists of a stage and bar whilst the smaller side is an open-air garden space with seating. Definitely one of the most eventful rooftop bars in London.


Aviary is the perfect place if you feel like going to a rooftop bar that is cosy and warm at the same time. Snuggle up with a soothing cocktail on their modern furniture, drape a blanket over your legs and take in the breath-taking view. The swanky venue is situated in Finsbury Square and boasts with an impeccable restaurant.

5.Queen of Hoxton

Seasonal and annual personalized theme makes every trip to this beautiful rooftop terrace memorable and completely unique. The winter has made the Queen of Hoxton convert into a Nordi Viking stronghold.

6.Pergola On The Roof
This is the largest rooftop bar in London and offers super dining and drinking experience. You are guaranteed the time of your life at this place which is undoubtedly one of the best rooftop bars in West London. This summer will also see its new sister venue open in Paddington.


This is by far one of the most attractive rooftop bars in London. Covering three levels of a previous East London car park, it is said to be the hottest spot in London for 2017. Skylight’s theme is a British urban lawn club with street food and croquet.

The Sky Garden is often booked months in advance and for good reason. The vibrant and attractive Sky Garden rooftop bar has a beautiful garden which is absolutely heaven on earth.

9. The Roof Gardens in Kensington

Kensington’s Roof Gardens is a one of London’s most iconic venues and is home to 4 pintail ducks and flamingos living in three garden spaces. It boasts with a Babylon restaurant and clubs.

10. Aqua Spirit

More about the booze and less about the views, they are normally packed with beautiful late night daters on the beautiful rooftop bar. Take note that Aqua Spirit does not make reservations and works on a first come, first serve basis.

There are loads of exquisite rooftop bars in London but only the best will do for our readers. Hope you enjoy our pick of the top 10 London rooftop bars.

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