Tour Havasu Falls a Paradise in The Desert Near the Grand Canyon

Here’s a quick tour of Havasu Falls a paradise located near the Grand Canyon we began our journey at hilltop from there we hiked eight miles to the town of Supai the most remote town in America so remote that the only way to get supplies in and out of the town was by mule train or by helicopter there are no roads to this town. once we checked in at Supai we continued hiking another two miles downstream to find our campground on our way down we passed many beautiful waterfalls and the bluest water I have ever seen.

Tour Havasu Falls a Paradise in The Desert Near the Grand Canyon Photo Gallery

We even passed by the famous Havasu waterfalls once we cross the river we found a beautiful place to camp from here we hiked farther downstream to mooney falls to get to the base of the falls we had to descend down a steep cliff through a series of caves ledges ladders chains I’ve never seen anything quite like this before and if you’re afraid of heights this defiantly is not for you. one slip and you would fall down the whole cliff once at the base the waterfall looked larger and more beautiful than ever. From here we continue another two miles downstream the trail was amazing and at different points we would cross the river or wade through it every step we took was even more colorful and beautiful than last I could not believe how amazing this place was.

Waterfall after waterfall crossing after crossing we ended up at a beautiful swimming hole in which the only way to enter was to lower ourselves down a steep cliff by rope which has been hanging there for who knows how long once we lowered ourselves down we went for a quick swim, filled up our water bottles, climb on out and continued our way back to camp and that is my tour of Havasu Falls one of the most beautiful and remote places I have ever been to follow the adventure live on snapchat username ryks.

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