Tourist in Udaipur Rajasthan India City Palace Udaipur lake island Manji Raj Kaghat

Thank you, yes please, so, passport while I remember, oh, oh sorry, I mustn’t go, without that.

But yes, a good spot for sunset, pardon, a good spot for sunset. Made it over to the Island, on the lake in the middle of Udaipur, and I’m trying to find a spot, trying to find a spot, it was recommended for my, sunset, that’s the restuarant, went there, that was good, next one, oh little get through there is, Manji Raj Kaghat, let’s sort that one, let’s, keep going, my instructions were; turn right out of the guest house, go down the hill, look for the big door, go through the big door, cross the bridge, and then go left-ish, to find, Manji Raj Kaghat, if you get lost ask, I’m not lost yet, how big can this Island be? Manji Raj Kaghat, Kaghat there we go. It’s scooter-proofed, as many places as possible, I notice with these, ziggity zag gates, here we go, through gate one, now actually there’s so much bicycles here so they quite, wheel-proofed, it but, close and here we go, through, through and here we are, look at that, there’s the place, it looks pretty posh, into the views onto, the lake, ah look, whoa, stunning.

Tourist in Udaipur Rajasthan India City Palace Udaipur lake island Manji Raj Kaghat Photo Gallery

Welcome to the lake, whose name I haven’t discovered yet, in the middle of Udaipur, have a beautiful sunny, afternoon, beautiful breeze coming of the lake, upon the rivers of Udaipur, where I enjoyed my afternoon, in the evening sun, it was very beautiful. And here you’ll find there’s, a few cafes, hi there, it’s a new restaurant, we’re opening just today, oh excellent, I invite you welcome sir, I will come and try you in a little while, thank you very much, I wish you good success, thank you sir. Ah new restaurant, just opening today, you’ll find one or two of these restaurants down here, on ghats, you sit here, the sunset is gonna be right there in front of you, the main, village and view where the sun is setting, it’s shining onto us over there, a beautiful location, to have a drink, at the end of the day.

But, later I do have to get my sunset and get back to the hotel because I’m going to a cultural show this evening, it was also recommended by the hotel, from, seven till eight, hundred and fifty rupees for me, hundred and fifty rupees for the camera, so I’ll be taking you along, I’ll let you know what that’s like, first guess what? you got it, drink then sunset. Into the museum, for a folk dance show, queue for tickets, do I queue here? or do I go in? So I’ve already got a ticket, thank you very much I’ll see you later, evening, take your camera, okay I’ll attach it, thank you very much, thank you. And, here we are, they said go early get a seat, find somewhere, with a view, now, where do I want to be? Well, cultural dancing from Rajasthan, from groups of twirling people, to a year old lady carrying, I don’t know how many pots on her head, and dancing on glass, but, a fascinating insight to the, traditions of Rajastan dancing.

Another great evening, now, got to get out. And, spilling out onto the ghats, over the lake, after the show, after the dance show, nice and cool here in the evening. Fireworks still, and a beautiful view, over the lake.

And lanterns. The lake at Udaipur, in the morning. Good morning, good morning, is the cafe open? yes, restaurant, up, up, top yeah wait I’ll show you the lift, no I’ll take the stairs, walking?, yeah thank you.

Walking good for you My first time at, Cafe Namaste, with a nice view, over, the lake there, the palace. Beautiful relaxing start to the day in beautiful Udaipur, found the rooftop terrace, had pancakes and tea for breakfast while overlooking the lake, very nice and mellow start. Now I’ve just wandered off onto a little island that you can get to by the bridge, it’s in the middle of the lake, having a walk through some of the streets here, there’s the little art craft shops, cafes, stores, you can get piercings, tattoos, any hole, no pain, hmm, I’m gonna skip on that.

Did see some nice place to eat on the lakeside, but I’m okay for the moment, for once I’m not looking for food and drink, I’m just enjoying, absorbing the quiet atmosphere, it’s nice and early in the morning, and I found that the earlier mornings, it’s cooler, it’s also quieter. a lot of the shop still aren’t even open, they tend to open a bit later, so it’s quite peaceful to, just amble through, also art work for sale, authentic, not exactly sure what that means, I mean somebody drew it, of course it’s authentic. Anyway, let’s go for an amble round, and soak in, the atmosphere.

Looks like some, people are getting artistic inspiration, sketching and drawing and painting. Had, a lovely, early-morning, strolling round, from the street enjoying the lake, peaceful and quiet, now, it’s time to get a drink, and then maybe retreat back to the hotel, as it gets a bit hot, do some work, have a nap, and then go out again later, see some more when it gets a bit cooler for the afternoon light. Enjoy your lassi, thank you.

That’s nice and strawberry, strawberriry. The morning spent wandering around, it’s quite surprising how peaceful and calm it is over there, and then there’s just, a couple of bridges that connect the mainland to this little island in the middle, go over through these little gates, I’m just going through now, there we go, through oops, sorry, through, it’s quite surprising when you come through, you walk over, it’s peaceful and quiet over there not much going on, and then you wander over here and it’s not exactly busy here, but it’s surprising how, you realize you’ve missed, all the hectic activity, the scooters, even from a fairly quiet place. but, morning, morning, I’m good you? Hope you’re enjoying our time at Udaipur, I certainly am, it’s a little more relaxed and calm than a lot of the other cities, and today I’m exploring the city palace, in the centre of Udaipur.

It’s very easy to get to, three hundred rupees, entrance, and that includes your camera, even though a lot of the security guards said, no, no camera, but I showed them the picture saying, ‘look it says camera’, they let me in. Anyway, here I am, wandering around and enjoying it, it’s amazing architecture, four hundred years old, it will take a year or two and it’s four hundred year old, being precise isn’t that. But amazing architecture, here’s some, beautiful arches, some amazing views over the city, it is built, on a hill, in the middle of Udaipur, with a lake around it, with a city around it, so the views you get are really beautiful.

At the moment, I’m chilling in the central courtyard, which I think was the Maharajah’s personal courtyard, where he held audience. It’s beautifully shaded, got his private audience chamber over there, there would normally be a fountain in the middle here, and, it’s beautiful, it would normally be peaceful and quiet. It has fantastic views over the city, but instead of me waffling on about, how beautiful it is, why don’t you have a look for yourself? And over the courtyard, doesn’t that look peaceful and beautiful, and doesn’t that, look tempting? I’ve spent, all morning, ambling around the castle, the castle? ambling around the palace, City Palace, enjoying its architecture, and the paintings and things on the wall, bit of history four hundred years of history wow.

Been really enjoying it, I suddenly realised, I missed my lunch, and it’s, because it’s lovely and cool in the fort, so you don’t feel the heat out there, which is really beautiful, but, I think I may be tempted to head down there, although it does look like, an expensive touristy spot. I have to check the budget, but, it is definitely, time to eat. Found my way out the palace, and I found the nice looking cafe, and it’s time for something to eat and something to drink.

What a wonderful evening of Udaipur, and sunset tonight, was in the palace. Palace, right by the lake, look at that for a beautiful location, nice mattresses here, so I can lay, chill out, nice cushion, feeling very comfortable, had a very relaxing day. Went to the city palace this morning, roamed around there, I’m sure you saw earlier, now, I’ve enjoyed the sunset, oh here comes my sunset drink, thank you very much, thank you, well, cheers one mango lassi to, enjoy the sunset to, oh you missed the sunset, okay, don’t worry I’ll rewind a little bit.

The sunset was beautiful, and I didn’t go up on the roof terrace, which has this clear view, because I want to get these lovely arches in, this is the sunset, that we had this evening, have a look at this while I have a drink. beautiful sunset hey, and a lovely drink, mango lassies, these lassies are fast becoming my favorite. Anyway, This technically my last night, in Udaipur, and I’ve enjoyed it, it’s, a very relaxing place, it hasn’t quite got the hustle and bustle, of a lot of the other bigger cities and towns, it’s right in the western, side of Rajasthan, in on the west of India.

It, still has quite a lot going on, there’s, lots to see, but there’s narrow little streets so, there’s not so much traffic coming through, but the traffic still comes through, the motorbikes are still there. Not so much honking here, which is really nice in fact, the only thing I can hear is a boat on the lake behind, not a honk or a motorbike in sight, but then, I am in the palace, what do you expect? But yes at Udaipur, Udaipur, oh dear, I’ll have some more of this, Udaipur. A little more peaceful and quiet, it’s a, small, town with a big lake, and there’s a little island in the middle of the lake, you can get to that’s connected my walk bridges, and once you get to Udaipur, and stay here, you can walk pretty much everywhere, so you don’t need to hassle the hassle of time of tuk-, haven’t taken a single tuk- tuk, I haven’t had to, get up and negotiate a tuk-tuk or a rickshaw ride, sorry not tuk-tuk, rickshaw, haven’t had to negotiate a rickshaw ride to anywhere.

I just, got out my hotel, wandered round, there’s cafes, restaurants, lots of gifts, little, little like boutique shops, selling leather and artwork, clothes, paintings you name it that there’s, so much here all nice little shops, a lot of people, a lot of like statues out of soapstone, which you can see them carving on the side of the road, and the little stalls as you go around. You can do boat trips on the lake, you can go to the City Palace, like I did today, There is also the, Monsoon Palace, you can’t see it actually today, it’s over there, there’s a, on top of the hill, there’s the Monsoon Palace when, when the rains were really heavy, when the monsoon rains were here, the royalty, who built the palace, used to go and live up there, and to be, safe from the flooding I guess, and maybe mosquitoes down here. But, that’s abandoned now, but there’s a beautiful viewpoint, which looks back down over towards the town, and gets you a beautiful sunset as well, and that’s about seven kilometers out of town overlooking the town.

But Udaipur has this beautiful location tucked by the lake, it’s not getting too hot during the day, it’s getting warm enough, especially in the sun, but the evenings especially this time of day are absolutely beautiful, the sun, just set and now the breeze is wafting in over the lake, got a nice cold drink, got a comfy spot to relax and look at this view, I could just chill here for the night, I wonder if they’d wake me up and turf me out? I think somehow they would, I don’t, this is quite a posh looking place, it’s actually quite surprising they let me in, but anyway long, as I payed my drinks they shouldn’t throw me out, they will just toss me out in the lake I guess. Tomorrow, I’m taking the night train, to, India’s biggest, tourist attraction, I’ve been taking quite a few trains now, I’ve enjoyed every single one of them, but this is going to be my first sleeper train, where I’m actually gonna be sleeping on the train, so wish me luck on that. And, yes I hope you’re gonna join me for the whole ride, wherever we end up going.

Thank you very much for joining me in your time here, hope you’ve enjoyed all these posts, and the places we’ve been to, I’m having an amazing time in incredible India. A fly landed in my drink, have to try not to drink it, anyway, yes incredible India, I can see why it’s called incredible India, but I hope you’re gonna join me for the rest of the trip, and thank you all very much for your input, I’ve got, I had so many comments and input from all of you, on about information about where the places I’ve been to, recommendations of where to go, what to eat, thank you all of you, and if you’re still enjoying it, want to read more, if you’re not commentd and you like these, remember to comment, if you’re liking it, enjoying what the content give us a thumbs up, enjoy the posts. Thank you very much, and here’s to another glorious sunset.

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