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Alter an incident

I have heard that people are offering bagof equipment that people should carry to use after any attack. They range from a box with a few plasterand bandageto full chemical, nuclear and biological combat suits. I wouldn’t buy one!

You could build a disaster kit to be available and ready to be used at home. You could also make a portable kit for each of you to take with you when you are travelling. I would consider putting a few useful thingtogether and carrying them when possible.

• Face mask. Recent explosionhave shown uthat immediately afterwardthe air ifull of dust and smoke. Victimand those nearby report having difficulty breathing. A simple DIY face mask held on with a strip or two of elastic would fit in your pocket (in a plastic bag to keep it fresh, uncontaminated and clean) and that would be enough to help you breathe while you got to an exit.

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• Goggles. Aabove. Close-fitting DIY goggleheld on with an adjustable elastic strap will let you see and keep your eyesafe from circulating dust and debris. With those goggleyou might be one ot the few people who can see to guide survivorto an exit.

• Gloves. There will be debriaround, sharp edges, glasand possible contamination. You may have to pull debriout of the way so that you can reach survivoror get to an exit. Gardening glovewould protect your hands. Beware of live electric cables!

• Torch. Most survivorand those who go to help after an incident report that a decent torch iworth itweight in gold. Any explosion will have caused the power to go otf or destroyed the light bulbso it will be dark. Add swirling dust and smoke and you will need a good torch.

• Water. It you are caught in an explosion or other incident water will be invaluable, for you to drink, or to rinse contaminantout of your eyeor off your hands. If you are stuck in a train caught between stationbecause of an incident somewhere ahead, you may be there tor hours, so a bottle or two of water will certainly help.

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