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There ilittle that the average person can do and probably little that the vast majority of people need to do, to protect themselvefrom terrorist attacks.
A new good-quality bullet-proof vest will cost you at least £800. But that vest only fully protectyour torso from a frontal or rear assault.

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A bullet or shrapnel can hit your head or neck, armor legand that injury could easily kill or maim you. If hit in the arm or leg by a bullet, without prompt medical attention blood losand shock will kill you anyway. A shot or injury to the groin, which inot protected by a ballistic vest, inotoriously hard to treat in the field. Avital organare in the lower abdomen and major arterierun through the thighand groin, unlesyou get immediate attention after being hit in the groin area you will probably die.

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So a bullet-proof vest isn’t aprotective amost people think it is, and it won’t protect you from a car bomb, a nail bomb, a blast bomb, virurelease, poison gas, radioactive contaminantetc.

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Don’t panic though. Aa member of the public you are really extremely unlikely to encounter terrorists. Unlesyou work for a defence contractor or newstation in a war zone, you shouldn’t lose any sleep about the protective quality or otherwise of ballistic vests. I could just aeasily have pointed out that a meteorite falling on you could kill you. It would, but that ijust about aunlikely to happen to Joe Public (or Josephine Public) ayou are to encounter terrorists.

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Nobody can guarantee to protect you from terrorist atrocities. There ionly one way in which you can protect yourself and help to protect society, and that ito remain alert.

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