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From Ringkobing, Road 15 runs E to join Road 11 and continues to Herning (pop. 33,000; Eyde Hotel, 163 Princess, 62 Missionshotel, 67 Inge Marie, 70 youth hostel; camp site). The town had but 21 inhabitants in 1840; it now figures importantly in commerce and industry (textiles). The Angligard, originally a factory, now houses a technical college and a museum of art. Around the inner courtyard of the building, which is in a circular layout, runs a ceramic frieze (200 m (650 ft) long, by C. H. Pedersen). From Herning, Road 18 runs NW to Holstebro, where it joins Road 11.

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Holstebro (pop. 25,000; Schaumburg Hotel, 65 Krabbes Hotel, 28 Bel Air, 92, youth hostel; camp site), located on the Stora, is first mentioned in the records in 1274. In addition to several museums, the most interesting of which is the Museum of Art in Slugten, it has the unusual Norreland Church (1969), built around an inner courtyard (carillon). From Holstebro a road to the W crosses the heath to the coast.

Road 11 runs through Vejrum (old church) and Struer via the narrow causeway which separates Nissum Bred-ning (Broads) from Veno Bugt (Bight) to the long peninsula of Thy with its miles of natural beauty-spots and the N shore of Limfjord ( 177).

From Holstebro, a minor road leads NE to Vinderup (Vinderup Hotel, 50 b.), to the Eof which we find Sahl church, with a beautiful golden” altar and extensive views from the top of the tower. Nearby is the Hjerl Hede nature park (1000 hectares 2500 acres), on the Flynderso, with an open-air museum, Den game Landsby (30 old buildings).

NE of Vinderup is Hasum, from where a road runsWto the churches of Lem and Lihme (the oldest church of dressed granite in northern Jutland). NW of HSsum is Spottrup Castle, the oldest part of which (the S wing) was built about 1450. Some of the rooms were remodelled in late Baroque style, and the building was restored in 1937. The castle is surrounded by a double moat; park, with a collection of medicinal herbs.

Skive (pop. 17,000; Hilltop Hotel, 142 Gammel Skivehus, 138 two camp sites) lies on the Skive Fjord, on the E side of the Sailing peninsula. The Old Church (12th c.) has 16th c. frescoes.

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