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Dresden was first mentioned at the beginning of the 13th century and in the 15th century was the Residence of the Wettines. During the period of Augustus the Strong and Augustus III (1670-1763) Dresden developed from being a small town to becoming a European capital city and magnificent Baroque Residence. Frederick Boettger manufactured white porcelain in 1709 at the court of Augustus the Strong. In February 1945 bombings caused large scale devastation. Most historical buildings have beanw-hile been reconstructed.

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You’ve had a long stand. Everyone’s kept you standing I slunk away, crushed by the shame of my dawning gullibility. How they all laughed. Even Starling had a good snigger at my expense; he had been in on the plot along with the rest of the ship. I railed in silent fury at his treachery. The evening meal was paralysing for me as the jibes and laughter flew thick and fast. The embarrassment was so acute it was physically painful. Although no one missed a chance to remind me of my stupidity for the rest of the trip, I gained face for taking it well (they should have seen my inner mind, where I was taking it very badly) and things started to slowly take a turn for the better. I didn’t get seasick, ever. That was a plus-point for me.

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