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The coastal lands of Italy were once a collection of country like Mediterranean States each with their own heritage, and flavor now there are unified, and bustling nation Italy is best revealed at a slow pace the labyrinth of Prados isolated hilltops ancient ruins, and terraced villages. I fell in love with Tuscany.

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I think it was the relaxing atmosphere, and the medieval towns that we went to, and they were.

So personal it was like feeling at home overlooking the Bay of Naples Sorrento is famous for the production of limoncello citrus fruit nuts wine, and olive yesterday in Pompeii was an overwhelming experience for me the Roman city of Pompeii was lost for nearly years before its rediscovery in reviewing an archaeological site around the time of the Soviet glue.

And, it’s a phenomenal what they’ve had to remove to feet of volcanic rock just to get to this that it’s amazing what was Resort here the frescoes, and the architecture is wonderful you seven nights in Tuscany, and the seven nights in Sorrento we weren’t in, and out of the suitcase here’s a chance to learn local words, and gestures hear the stories of Tuscany’s beloved masterpieces the wonders of Tuscany, and the Amalfi Coast soak in one experience at a time.

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