University of Hong Kong Fung Ping Shan Museum

Further up, going in a south-westerly direction from Connaught Road and Queen’s Road, there is a series of roads, one of which, Bonham Road, is the location ofthe University of Hong Kong. In 1953 the noteworthy Fung-Ping-Shan Museum (94 Bonham Road) was opened inside the university. Its collections are devoted mainly to Chinese ceramics and bronzes.

Immediately to the east of Central District (Victoria) is the district of Wan Chai, the home of Susie Wong, the character in the novel (who came from the “Luk Kwok” Hotel). Wan Chai is an entertainment area for sailors and the glitter of the bars and the brightly-lit signs in the shops reflect the night-time scene here. Apart from a few small temples, mention need only be made of the 66-storey Hopewell Centre and the Arts Centre (theatre, stage shows).

University of Hong Kong Fung Ping Shan Museum Photo Gallery

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