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Information, (617) 287-7800 The Boston branch of the five-campus UMass system has lots of great sporting events. Tickets to basketball games in the Clark Athletic Center are a mere $2. Hockey is a little bit more expensive at $9. Actually, for serious college hoops, trek out to Amherst in the western part of the state. Tickets are a bit more expensive (though still way less than the Celtics) and may be difficult to get, especially as March Madness approaches. Call (413) 545-0810 for ticket information.

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They did have their own part-time fire service, but cutbacks in the service took it away from them. I believe they still retain a volunteer crew, however. Today, Holy Island houses a thriving little community with its main revenue coming from farming, fishing and tourism; there is, though, local concern about many of the younger generation leaving for better jobs on the mainland. Over 100,000 people from all over the world flock to the island annually to visit the famous priory, castle and to sample the wonderful Lindisfarne mead. There are two public houses in the village, the Crown and Anchor and the Northumberland Arms, and both are very popular. Mining used to be an established occupation when the people quarried limestone, sandstone, iron ore and even coal, which added to the island’s economy. Sadly, however, this died out long ago. Now all that is left is the old coal mine tower at the Snook, but its six-inch seams were worked out by 1840. The limestone kilns can also still be seen on the pebble shoreline, just to the east of the castle, and act as a convenient nesting site for the gulls. People living on Holy Island have always been involved in the fishing industry and by the 19th century it was a very lucrative business with huge catches of crab, lobster, cod and especially herring.

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