So this is flight 103 flights today, and we are leaving at 7:00, and should get in at 7:00 at 9:00 Stoddard, I’m really excited that we’ve really never been to like just rot in Dallas never been here before and, I’m you want to go get some food okay smoothie Bowl applet style actually looks pretty good I thought you were bringing me ice cream they have like frozen yogurt not normal you’re good that’s good good good choice next up Miami Miami here we come we have been surviving me before in like 2018 yeah it was alright we were there for three days. But now just there for the airport and, I’m not too sure how long our yoga is though I thought they slavery was like three houses one yeah. So we’ll see we’ll tell you guys one just gonna show you guys how terrible a flight is so I stopped we started in Salt Lake City we had to fly to Dallas then to Miami, and then all the way back to San Jose we literally could have flown from Salt Lake all the way down why, and why was this the cheapest. So we’ve just come to our final layover which is here in Miami, and we’re just gonna pretty much just get some food our flight kind of boards in the next half now.

USA to COSTA RICA MAP Photo Gallery

So you know one good thing about this this terrible flight is that the layer of us have been like an hour at the most, and then pretty much gonna be flying back across the states to Costa Rica which should be good. But, I’m gonna hopefully go try find some snacks laughs five black number two, I’m free what’s the weather like out there I mean of this brainy look at our ticket collection how much it’s growing just from this year you see. So many we got to Costa Rica the biggest thing is our bags got yeah, I’m so worried. Because we had like this three flights she always like straightly bags get he. But we got in, and we found a charlie, and this one finally broken oh well they’ve gone through a lot seven months yeah, and we’ve been using for years as well before then all righty guys. So we have arrived at our like homestay place that we’re staying in the night it’s like a Costa Rica family lets us stay here for the night before we go away on our volunteer project we go to is I think we’ve mentioned it before yeah. So we’re teaming up with go eco tours, and we’re kind of getting a crash course this is pretty much like a three-week tour.

But we’re actually doing two tours and. So six weeks we’re doing it in a few weeks yeah. So we’re just really like kind of like a snippet of a wildlife reserve for a week, and it’s a bit of a sea turtle conservation for a week. So with you for two weeks were together. But when we flew in you stay with a homestay first. So a Costa Rican family has let us stay here the night it’s really nicely cooked us dinner, and stuff I didn’t want to feel movers yeah yeah yeah. So we were like speaking with them, and learning about like what it’s like to live in Costa Rica, and more telling – I said in Australia that stuff there was such nice people nice people we had.

So nice a translator good one of them could speak English. Because I mean for us speak Spanish right it worked out well though in the end yeah you just eat, and would pretty much like staying in the resident like this is the most a local type of place like way out of the city to seem like a little house it’s really cute like the grandma paints paint. So there’s like nice paintings everywhere it’s like a really good place. But, I’m tamari the picking up is picking us up at 9:30, and we’re going to orientation, and then being taken to our first place that we’re doing volunteer work which is like a wildlife refuge place yes yes. So we have to wake up. But probably no she’s gonna make breakfast for us at 9:00. So we get a little sleep in, and it’s currently 10 o’clock which I don’t even know what time it is in my body Chadwicks same time in the same mountain time Oh perfect, and as going sideways here in Costa Rica yeah excited to show you guys what we go to Costa Rica yeah.

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