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The Leonardo- At this Salt Lake City, Utah museum, explore science, art, and technology. Interactive exhibits give visitors the chance to explore topics like inventions and animation.

Can an audit framework be developed that is able to measure how a place performs against the connectivity attributes? Are these attributes still valid in diverse situations and contexts, specifically in the context of the Global South, which is going to be the powerhouse of future growth? Are these attributes also valid in the face of fast-paced mega-trends in disruptive technologies? Connecting people, connecting places provides answers to these questions.

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Research has shown that there are barriers to making connections in three key areas:

1 Professional practices that lack interdisciplinary thinking. Connecting Places, Connecting People is based on interdisciplinary thinking involving planning, transport, urban design, and sociology to resolve connection issues between transport, people, and place.

2 Community non-acceptance and outrage due to inadequate public outreach and participation. Connecting Places, Connecting People puts emphasis on, and proposes ways to engage, the community as decision makers and place managers.

3 The lack of a long-term progressive vision that acknowledges the changing global landscape and lifestyles that are a result of disruptive technologies, shifting demographics, and the rising urban growth in the Global South.2 Connecting Places, Connecting People confronts these challenges and tests the relevance of its design principles for the future urban landscape.

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