Victoria Harbor China

Victoria Harbor’s old name was Hongkong Harbor. This harbor is China’s largest harbor situated between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon peninsula in Hong Kong. This is also third largest harbor of the world.

Victoria Harbor is one of the busiest harbors of the world wherein day and night both oceanic going vessels, river vessels containing both goods and passengers are seen. It got this name after the British queen Victoria who had been ruler of Britain for 64 years since 1837 to 1901. In 1843 China and Britain had signed a nonzing treaty and thereby Hong Kong had become British territory, after this in 1860 when China lost its next drug war with British it had to sign a treaty of Peeking with British. In 1861 Kowloon Islands became British territory and in this very year in the month of April the harbor between Kowloon and Hong Kong was named as Victoria Harbor. In July 1997 it again came in the hands of China.

At night time this Hong Kong harbor with its glowing lights seem as though the stars from the sky have come down and spread over here. This is the reason why it’s this beauty in the night has made it world’s third largest place of night beauty to be seen, to see this beauty millions of tourist go to Hong Kong every year.

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