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You’ve seen the Eiffel Tower. You’ve been to the British Museum. Now it’s time to heed the call of the wild. Britain brims with national parks; our favorite is the Lake District (228). For jagged peaks and crashing waves, head north to Scotland; the Outer Hebrides (219) are particularly breathtaking. Ireland’s Ring of Kerry (591) is home to secluded Irish villages, and Killarney National Park (590) features spec tacular mountains. The majestic Pyrenees are the setting for Spain’s Parque Nacio- nal de Ordesa (941). Grenoble (384), in the French Alps, brims with hiking opportunities and tempts skiers with some of the world’s steepest slopes. North of Sicily, the Aeolian Islands (744) boast pristine beaches, dramatic volcanoes, and bubbling thermal springs. Kitzbiihei (114), in Austria, provides the challenges of world-class hiking and skiing. For fresh Swiss Alpine air, conquer the Matterhorn (986) or take up adventure sports in Interlaken (984). Hike through Germany’s eerie Black Forest (490), which inspired the Brothers Grimm.

William Brown testify’d, that Heaven having blessed him Vienna Map with a most Pious and prudent wife, this wife of his one day mett with Susanna Martin Vienna Map ; but when she approch’d just unto her, Martin vanished out of sight, and left her extremely affrighted. After which time, the said Martin often appear’d unto her, giving her no little trouble; and when she did come, she was visited with Birds that sorely peck’t and Prick’d her; and sometimes a Bunch, like a pullets egg, would Rise in her throat, ready to Choak her, till she cry’d out, Witch, you shan’t choak me! While this good Woman was in this Extremity, the Church appointed a Day of Prayer, on her behalf; whereupon her Trouble ceas’d; she saw not Martin as formerly; and the Church, instead of their Fast, gave Thanks for her Deliverance. But a considerable while after, she being Summoned to give in some Evidence at the Court, against this Martin, quickly thereupon this Martin came behind her, while she was milking her Cow, and said unto her, For thy defaming me at Court, I’l make thee the miserablest Creature in the World. Soon after which, she fell into a strange kind of Distemper, and became horribly Frantick, and uncapable of any Reasonable Action; the Physicians declaring, that her Distemper was preternatural, and that some Devil had certainly Bewitched her; and in that Condition she now remained. IX. Sarah Atkinson testify’d, That Susanna Martin came from Amesbury to their House at Newbury, in an extraordinary Season, when it was not fit for any one to Travel.

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