Vietnam Subway Map


0.0 The trailhead, marked with a sign, begins at the north end of the one-way road that loops through the campground.

0.3 Trail intersection; turn right. In about 200 feet, bear right at the next trail intersection. In another 300 feet, continue straight ahead, passing a trail on the left.

0.6 Trail intersection beginning the circuit portion of this hike. Turn left to begin the loop. You will return to this point in 1.4 miles via the trail on the right.

1.1 Cross a bridge made of split logs.

1.3 Trail intersection; the spur trail to the left leads to the Net

River and the site of an old beaver dam in 0.2 miles. Bear right to continue on the main loop.

ENVIRONMENT AND CULTURE Cultural ecology is the study of how people Vietnam Subway Map culturally adapt to, use, and modify their natural environments. There are several ways to think Vietnam Subway Map about the environment and its importance. Some people, for example, believe that conditions of the natural environment direct people toward certain ways of living; nature essentially serves as a guiding hand. In this school of thought, good lands contribute to human well-being, whereas bad environments lead to poverty. This idea, they would argue, helps to explain Haiti. A rather poor environment, they suggest, has been a major contributor to the poverty of the country and its people.

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