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Eeyew ruse the red island the name was probably given.

Because of the granite rocks which are red in themselves but they’re also colored blood-red by the sunset the landscape seems to be a flame at this time the town was founded in by paulo li whose statue stands on the square named after him the kilometers to be done from the capital the French Riviera to be completed easily by either yacht or private plane. So eel ruse has been a longtime favorite resort of French aristocracy many people like it in winter for its mild climate many for its six kilometer long beach others for its casino which otherwise is a rarity in Corsica all along the coast rails have been laid down in peak season.

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Because of the large distances a little train runs here on the streets of the town also known for its lively commerce tourists can also linger the main square named after Paulo Li, and a promenade on the beach are framed by an endless row of hotels, and eateries there are a particularly large number of restaurants specializing in seafood although there are not as many of these on Corsica as we might think the harbor transfers the orange, and olive shipments to the mainland from there some of them are transported on to other European markets in the more protected inner harbors smaller vessels are anchored here we can see the nicest yachts, and sailboats at the markets many ornaments carvings decorated plates, and platters are offered however their main specialties are homemade delicacies this tradition is cultivated with the fondness still today almost all families have their own carefully guarded recipes for the making of cheese.

Sausage or jams, and liqueurs the cheese is made mostly from sheep, and goat milk, and has a strong piquant taste the very popular Brooke Chu is similar to the Italian ricotta pigs are kept wild in the woods the meat of animals fatted on chestnut, and acorns is especially tasty the types of liverwurst sausages, and hands are smoked on chestnut wood, and they’re sold at twice the price as the import products despite this it shouldn’t be missed by gourmets herbs practically grow in the wild we can find them in fresh or dried form at the markets honey comes from the flowers of the macchia jam is made from citrus fruits figs, and forest fruits, and several types of oils, and olives are available Corsican wines are worthy of their popularity in all of France the chestnut is not only eaten by pigs they’re processed in a number –less variety of different methods even beer is brewed from it myrtle, and anise are used for making liquor seven kilometers from euros in the interior of the island stands the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral st.

Florian lies in the glass coffin of the Cathedral the Roman soldier who suffered martyrdom in the third century, and who was canonized for this later Corsica was attached to the V Centene Empire by Emperor Justinian in although Roman soldiers had been on the island for years they fought a century of wars in the interest of the spread of Christianity against the old inhabitants of the island among which there were iberians immigrating from Europe the Dorian’s, and later Greeks, and Libyans coming from Africa the rocky parts of the coast where, it’s difficult to walk were occupied by Saracen pirates from the th century getting tired of the landlord’s fighting each other the Pope donated the entire island to the episcopate of Pisa from rule was gradually taken over by the gentlemen’s.

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