Visit Tropical Garden in Cast Rica

Okay everybody let me introduce you here. This is a Augustine and I was think he’s the one that owns this place, and Oliver is our program director he has a profound knowledge of the flora, and fauna he’s very energetic, and excited about what he is showing us, and wants us to get as excited as he is about his country we couldn’t ask for a better program director from the distance humming birds all they see is green green green green green green yellow over there Oh food over here, and smell it. I was gonna get across it around.

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So you can smell it, it’s called Elon Elon just a variety of plant life is incredible no matter where you look you can see something you’ve never seen before, it’s wonderful right Fred meme bro is the name very sour okay this little fruit that. I’m gonna give you, it’s called the miracle fruit. I want it, and it’s going to change that sour taste into a something very sweet ok.

So that’s why, it’s called the miracle okay, and temple here you know you tried it first ok just suck it up anybody else doesn’t try to before you try to mingle yeah okay mmm that’s good you Costa Rican agriculture is a major portion of the country’s gross domestic product smaller scale sustainable farming methods are becoming increasingly popular throughout Costa Rica, it’s called long lover. I think, it’s beautiful wind girl at my house what. I like the most about seeing this gentleman’s farm is really this presentation of the passion that he has for it, and to think. How much work goes into doing this that we have no idea amazing I’d ever do without major quick we’ll buy him okay that is some plumber.

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