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CHANCING IT WITH THE PACKAGE PHOTOGRAPHER THE EXPERT: With his love of the visual arts, travel and culture, Chicago-based Kenny Kim has become one of the most sought-after destination-wedding photographers in the industry. His own wedding took place in Italy. A few years ago, a groomsman at a wedding I shot liked my work and wanted to hire me for his wedding in Hawaii.

As we were planning out the details, he emailed me one day and regretfully said he and his bride had to go with their resort’s in-house photographer unless they paid an additional fee to bring in someone else. As it turns out, they didn’t meet their photographer until the day of their wedding and weren’t happy with their photos at all. THE FIX Couples often opt for a local photographer because their venue recommended him or her. Bringing a photographer you know is better because you can communicate your vision, determine if you’re a good fi t and ensure the right moments get captured.

Event planner paulette davis launched Amour Affairs, which focuses on weddings in the bahamas, in 2006. Many of the couples who come to the Bahamas want to celebrate their union on the beach, and occasionally some guests are in wheelchairs. One day I had a group arrive late, and the bride’s aunt was in a wheelchair. The access to the public beach was a sand path, and a regular wheelchair couldn’t make it. Luckily my Jeep could get down the path.

The Fix Check with island locations in particular, as even many private properties don’t have proper wheelchair access. Most sites here in the Bahamas don’t have access, but a few have made provision for this special need. the blunder FAILING TO IRON OUT THE LAST FEW WRINKLES LITERALLY The expert: As a destination-wedding planner at Just marry in orlando, florida, erin Calabritto combines art and business know-how to plan stress-free weddings. One classic destination-wedding worry I’ve seen many times is brides who are anxious about their dress getting lost in transit they guard it with their lives through airports and customs.

But arriving safely isn’t the last step. Chances are that the gorgeous, wrinkle-free gown you put into that garment bag isn’t going to resemble the scrunched-up and creased one you’ll pull out. the Fix Gown steaming can easily be arranged with your wedding planner in advance. Go with a professional gown steamer instead of relying on your hotel’s laundry service. Gown steamers can come right to your room, so the dress never even leaves your sight. A detailed description of your gown (and any other items you need steamed veil, groom’s attire, bridal-party attire, etc.) is helpful in order to schedule enough time for your appointment and obtain an accurate cost estimate.

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