What Daytime Activities Does the Cruise Ship Offer?

On small ships, activities are limited by the available public space and are usually up to the passengers to organize maybe a game of Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit. There may be a showing of a video or two, and there will typically also be a lecture series dealing with flora, fauna, history, or religion. These enrichment lectures are also popular on larger cruise ships, along with edutainment classes that focus on cooking, art, photography, personal finance, computers and history. Cooking is particularly hot, no pun intended, with certain lines installing purpose-built demonstration kitchens.

Many big and small ships alike will offer beer or wine tastings, often under the supervision of the onboard Sommelier. Bridge, shuffleboard and poolside games are common; on ships with more retired passengers you may find bridge and mahjong, too. And then there are the behind-the-scenes tours that take guests into some of the more typically off-limits spaces, including the ship’s galley, provisioning areas, laundry rooms, and backstage theatre areas. Some of these tours are complimentary; others can run well over $100 per person and can include some special goodies like T-shirts, hats and complimentary photos. A handful of tours may include a supervised visit to the ship’s navigation bridge, though this is far more common on smaller vessels.

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