10 best cities to visit in US

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What use are our dreams, unless we sometimes make them come true?

Pack and Saddle Horses

On a long-distance horse-packing expedition, there’s an old saying that can’t be repeated too often: “If you plan to travel far, take good care of your horse.” At night, you have to find good grazing for the horses, of course, but you also have to keep them from straying.

Well-troined packhorses will fallow without being tied.

5 feet

Thin rope that will break under excess strain.

The peg is screwed into the ground in the middle of a grassy area. The tether should be thirty or forty feet long.

Long hand-held lead.

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T. C. Steven, Glasgow purchased and renamed her Ardenza in 1914. From 1915, Adam Brothers Ltd, Aberdeen (Newcastle) was the registered owner and she was renamed Aulton. The steamer was then armed for defence in 1915/1916 with a deck-mounted 12-pounder (5.44-kilo) gun. At 0620 hrs on 23 March 1918, the submerged KDM submarine SMU UB 83, commanded by Kapitanleutnant Gunther Krause, torpedoed and sank the Aulton, 9 miles SE by E / E of Berwick Harbour. The steamer, with Captain W. Wright in charge, had left Seaham Harbour at 2203 hrs the night before for passage to Aberdeen with 650 tons of coal. The torpedo detonated in the no.

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