The 3 Best Mountain Tours


Black Tomato has curated a new 10-day Ecuador and Peru itinerary that lets duos explore the Galapagos on a private catamaran. Ride horses near lakes and through national parks, camp out at sacred Incan ruins, trek through cloud forests to Machu Picchu, try samples of local delicacies like guinea pig, and snorkel with seals. Tours from $10,555 per person.


Old-school glamour meets modern conveniences aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, a passenger train that chugs through the snowcapped peaks of the Canadian Rockies. Keep an eye out for wildlife and hidden waterfalls you can see only by rail. Hop off and trek across Athabasca Glacier, whale-watch in the Howe Sound, and canoe across secluded emerald lakes. Tours from $3,484 per person.


Antarctica’s landscape is truly breathtaking, but the real reason to venture this far south is, of course, penguins. Mountain Travel Sobek has been hosting jaunts to the southernmost continent for 30-plus years and off ers a variety of cruises on smaller expedition ships from March to December. Adventurous couples can hike, kayak with whales and camp overnight on shore. Tours from $7,945 per person.

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