3 of the Best Neighborhoods to Tour in NYC

Are you looking for some of the best neighborhoods in New York where you can tour during your holiday? Here are a few of the iconic neighborhoods where you will want to spend your time, and take in some of the city’s top attractions. Make it even easier by going with a tour group.

Central park (Uptown)

Central park lies at the heart of Manhattan in 843-acres. This historic park is complete with a gorgeous landscape, wonderful playground, wide green space, boathouse, children’s zoo and seasonal ice-skating. This place is ideal for all people and has no age limit. Visit conservatory garden. This is a formal garden that has a representation of the 3 distinct European garden styles.

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Here you can take a hike up to belvedere castle where you will have a clear view of the park and some of the skylines that surrounds it. Just take some bite and cocktail at the martin bar and metropolitan museum of arts roof garden café. You can rent a model boat and take a ride with a friend or you can rent a bike to take a tour around the park and beyond.

Greenwich Village

There is a lot of thriving various culture of activists, writers, bohemians artists and musicians in both west and east Greenwich Village. Here you should expect independent vibes, this is where Beat Poets begun their revolution. Allen Ginsberg lived in the east village. Take a tour to 9/11 tribute centre which displays personal accounts of survival, grave losses, bravery as well as patriotism. The 9/11 family offers tour guides of those who lost loved ones, civil volunteers, lower Manhattan residence, 9/11 survivors of tower among others. There are also beautiful sites like; Washington square Arch, Square Park and NY university.

Wall Street

Wall Street also known as financial district encompasses the whole southern tip Manhattan. It is the economic capital of the country. The place has beautiful sites like Battery Park where you can stroll in the flower garden and the waterfront landscape. Visit the liberty and Ellis islands where you will learn about the immigration to US via NYC. Take a speedboat ride at the harbor. Take pictures with Charging Bull statue at Brawling Green.

New York City is a great place to visit and the stunning neighborhoods present a variety of fun.

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