5 Bali Travel Tips

I have compiled a list of ways to save your time and money in Bali. This list will save you hassles and stress by helping to make your trip to Bali better and easier.

1) What To Bring To Bali

You should try to pack as light as possible. Just a few light clothes are recommended as Bali is hot and humid. It’s very cheap to buy clothes in Bali If you run out of clothes to wear. Don’t forget sandals, sunscreen lotions, hats, sunglasses and a first aid kit. You won’t want to hamper your holiday due to cuts or injuries you may get while adventuring in Bali.

2) Travel Insurance

This is a must if you’re a very adventurous traveller coming to Bali. If you are adventurous and planning to go trekking at Mount Batur, surfing at Dreamland Beach, canyoning at Git Git Waterfall activities that puts you at risk of getting injuries, then please get yourself a travel insurance to ensure yourself a peace of mind. Get yourself insured and you’re set for a fun vacation in Bali!

3) Bargain When You Shop!

Always bargain when you shop at the street shops! The shop owners will ask questions like how long have been in Bali, which hotel do you stay at and etc. DO NOT TELL THEM YOU ARE STAYING IN A 5* HOTEL EVEN IF YOU ARE. Just say that you are staying in a Hostel and act like you’ve been to Bali for a few times. They will try to rip you off if they know that you are rich and new to Bali. Just leave your gold & diamond jewelleries in the hotel safe.

4) Immigration

In your flight to Bali, you will be given a small white immigration card by your airline provider. You will have to fill up the immigration card with your passport details and hotel booking details. So make sure you have your hotel address with you. You will be given back half of this card once you have cleared the immigration counter. Please make sure you don’t lose this other half as you will need it before you leave Bali. Keep it safe with your passport and departure ticket. You won’t want to end your memorable holiday with a terrifying experience with the Balinese immigration!

5) Beware of Sun Strokes!

Sun strokes are fairly common occurance in this tropical island. It is often mistaken as “Bali Belly” amongst other things. To protect yourself from Sun Stroke, please do not to take the glaring sun in Bali for granted. Try to get some spot under a tree or shade if you’re planning on hanging out by the beach. Drink lots of water if you are trying to get a tan.

Follow the above following Bali travel tips and you’ll be set for a memorable vacation in Bali. You can also better plan your itinerary and activities in Bali by reading about Things To Do In Bali. Stay safe and have a fun Bali holiday!

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