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Darkness didn’t come until after ten. However Best China family destinations , the intense cold drove me into my sleeping bag long before dark. I sat up Best China family destinations writing my diary, stoking my fire and sipping coffee. Occasional explosive bangs from the fire spat red embers on to my covers and dry grass bed; the bangs gave me a fright every time and the sparks made*’ me twist round extinguishing them. Not so peaceful.

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Virtually everyone was drunk: the exceptions were me, Starling and the second officer’s wife, who looked as bewildered as Starling. On the plane, everyone proceeded to get even drunker while me and Starling kept a low profile and talked about where the ship was bound. I was told it was heading for Curacao then Venezuela he informed me. I was told New York and Venezuela, but I heard Sparks tell the second officer that we were going to Rouen I said, then added that my father had telephoned the shipping company yesterday and they told him France then either New York or possibly Italy. In short, no one had any idea: not us, not the officers and apparently not the shipping company itself. When we landed at Hamburg in the early evening, the remainder of the journey was eye-opening, embarrassing and unnerving. The joining party were all far more drunk now, having been drinking on the plane as furiously as the stewardess would allow; even the second officer’s wife looked loosened up as she stood with a soppy smile on her face, watching the world around her. We were the noisiest group at the baggage carousel by a long way. As the luggage started to arrive, one of the crew vomited on his feet and everyone in our group groaned and cheered and hooted. We all got our bags and set off at a charge for the airport bar, where everyone was refilled and Starling and I were given a glass of German lager each.

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