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Hobble used by the Tafalor.

Americon-style hobble.

Once off tin’ beaten frail, a ptukliorse expedition is a great ileal like a dogsleil trip you spend a lot more time on foot than in the saddle. At high elevations, stu b as here in Montana above 11,500 feet, the ground is hidden by snow, making progress slow and hazardous. VVe walk in front of the horses to pick the best route, and also to act *is brakes.


Dogsledding in the Canadian Rockies

IMAGINE the following scene. Twenty sled dogs and four men have just landed in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, after having crossed the Atlantic by plane and Canada by truck (a total distance of 3,700 miles!). They are there to undertake a three-month journey to Alaska.

But the temperature on that mid-January day is an unseasonable 34° F! Nothing comparable had ever been seen. Meanwhile, back in the Jura Mountains of France, where the dogs had been training, the temperature registered -10° F! The whole world was topsy-turvy. We all felt our spirits plummet as the mercury rose. The rivers opened, and the ice broke catastrophe.

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