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The operating electrical appliances and outlets in the room were immediately suspected but it was determined they generated little if any EMF levels. The spikes grew higher near the center of the table. More unusual spikes were tracked to a gear bag that sat on a chair next to Bev. Nothing in the bag could have generated EMF. Besides, the bag had been with them throughout their investigation and no previous EMF spikes had occurred.

That’s when Jessica began to consider another possibility. “What if your bag is in somebody’s chair?”

“Let’s try just the chair,” Bev suggested as she moved her bag. Sure enough, with the gear bag removed, the EMF continued to inch upward from 0.4 to 0.5.

“Is that somebody’s chair?” Jessica asked. EMF rose to 0.7.

“Ms. Elsie?” Dawn asked. “Are you sitting there now?” EMF went to 0.8.

EMF spikes were noticed in the kitchen.

The women shared brief glances. Could the spirit of Elsie Runkel be with them?

Bev began, “Are you getting ready to fix a meal, Elsie?”

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