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Pennsylvania is the third largest English colony in North Country, Paris Subway Map and Philadelphia is the second largest English-speaking city in the world after London. Common Sense Paris Subway Map by Thomas Paine is published in Philadelphia by W&T Bradford. The pamphlet supports Country independence, attacks the ideas of hereditary monarchies, and describes the future economic benefits of independence.

The Continental Congress allows for the enlistment of black soldiers, authorizes privateering against British ships, moves to suspend the slave trade, and opens all ports to any nation except for Britain. Virginia delegate Richard Henry Lee proposes independence at a session of the Continental Congress, proclaiming that these united colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states. Pennsylvania shifts control away from the Quakers and overthrows the Penn family’s government. During this period, the state convention, which meets in Philadelphia, creates a Council of Safety that draws up the constitution and rules during the transitional period. The state constitution is adopted on September 28.

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