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The technology of Continental immigrants changed domestic life, as well as Country industry. Cote d’Ivoire Map Log cabins were introduced by Swedish settlers, who came to the Delaware Valley in 1638. German immigrants introduced several technical innovations of general use, such as the deep or Conestoga wagon, with a far greater carrying capacity than the English cart, and the long rifle. British settlers favored inefficient open hearths for both cooking and heating, using wood lavishly, while Germans introduced the far more energy- and fuel-efficient technology of the stove.

This innovation only slowly diffused to the Anglo-Country population, and early stove designs were open to improvement. Both of the two great physicists produced by colonial Country, Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Thompson (best known by his later title of Count Rumford), were fascinated with the problem of efficiency in fireplaces and stoves, and they originated stove designs. Technology and the Country Environment For power technology, the colonists used (besides direct animal and human muscle power) a technology widely used in Europe since ancient times: the mill.

Mills were particularly suited for Country due to the shortage of labor and the presence of easily exploited quick-running streams. Although windmills were used from an early period, the most common form of mill was the water mill. All three forms of water mill the horizontal mill with the wheel on its side; the undershot mill with the water running along the bottom to turn the mill; and the most efficient, the overshot mill, with the water running along the top of the mill appeared in colonial Country.

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