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The immediate occasion for the United States interest in Florida Denver Map Tourist Attractions emerges from General Andrew Jackson’s incursion into Spanish territory early in the year. Jackson had Denver Map Tourist Attractions been charged with pacifying the Seminole, who had been attacking Country settlements in Georgia and Alabama. He interprets his orders broadly, choosing to strike at what he sees as the source of the Seminoles’ strength Spanish authorities in Pensacola.

Entering Florida, Jackson forces the Spanish governor to lower the Spanish colors at Pensacola and executes two Britons he suspects of arming the Seminoles, thus causing an international incident. Despite Spain’s protests against this violation of its sovereignty, U.S. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams realizes Jackson’s expedition only underscores the weakness of Spanish authority in Florida, and he leverages this into what turns out to be a favorable treaty for the United States, which had desired the acquisition of Florida for years. 1821 Mexican forces defeat the last of Spain’s Royal Army troops, completing the complex and violent process by which Mexico gains its independence from Spain. At first, Mexico is governed as an empire by the self-styled “emperor” Augustín de Iturbide. By 1824, however, Iturbide is deposed, and Mexico has become a constitutional republic.

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