Best european countries to visit


Start out in London, spinning from the aters to museums to pubs (4 days, 151). Chunnel to the world-class galleries and chic shops of Paris (4 days, 293), and slip south to daring and colorful Bar celona (2 days, 916). Return to France for an all-night party in Nice (1 day, 369); recover in the blissful Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera (1 day, 678). Prop up the leaning tower of Pisa (1 day, 727), be enchanted by Renaissance art in Florence (2 days, 710), and don your toga in Rome (3 days, 626). Float down the canals of Venice by gondola (2 days, 686) on your way to the opera in Vienna (2 days, 84). Sip absinthe in starlet Prague (2 days, 998) and sam ple the frothy brew in Munich (2 days, 492) before heading up to funky Berlin (2 days, 418). Indulge in Amsterdam (2 days, 767), and then relax with a day in the EU capital, Brussels (122).


From London (4 days, 151), meander the halls of Cambridge (1 day, 211) or Oxford (1 day, 202), then catch a play in Shakespeare’s Stratford-Upon-Avon (1 day, 208), before heading to Dublin, home to Joyce and Guinness (2 days, 568). Chunnel from London to Paris (4 days, 293) and then gape at Versailles (1 day, 332). From the castle-dotted Loire Valley (1 day, 334), go test your taste buds in the vineyards of Bordeaux (1 day, 347). Proceed to the Iberian penin sula to rage in the clubs of Madrid (2 days, 854), and bask on the beaches of Lisbon (2 days, 814). After heading back east to Barcelona (3 days, 916), spend a day each in festive Avignon (356), Aix-en-Provence (359), and Nice (369). Next replenish in the Cinque Terre (2 days, 678), send postcards from Pisa (1 day, 727), and continue on to Florence (2 days, 710). Stop at the stunning duomo in Siena (1 day, 725) en route to Rome (3 days, 626). Glide through Venice (2 days, 686) on your way to posh Milan (1 day, 662). Grap ple the Matterhorn from Zermatt (1 day, 986), and conquer the Swiss Alps around Interlaken (1 day, 984). Be a diplomat for a day in Geneva (1 day, 987), and stock up on chocolate in Zurich (1 day, 974). Satiate your urge for The Sound of Music in Salzburg (1 day, 101) and waltz your way through Vienna (2 days, 84), then kick back for 2 days in either the baths of Budapest (1013) orthe bars of Prague (998). From Munich, take a sobering daytrip to Dachau (3 days, 492). Move up the pastoral Romantic Road (2 days, 508), then cruise down.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Emsworth and Bosham are on the Portsmouth- Best european countries to visit Brighton railway line, with two trains an hour to Emsworth from Chichester and Portsmouth and hourly trains Best european countries to visit from Bosham. START: Emsworth railway station. FINISH: Bosham railway station. LENGTH: 14 miles. DURATION: Allow between 4 and 5 hours, plus time in Bosham. CONDITIONS: Easy walking on good clear paths with no route-finding problems.

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