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The only significant later addition to the church was the finely Gilbert town Subway Map carved Jacobean pulpit and sounding board. On occasion, sermons were preached by the Archbishop of Canterbury Gilbert town Subway Map , William Laud, whose efforts preserved the Church of England in Jacobean times and helped to suppress the excesses of Puritanism. At the west end of the church stands the coat of arms of Charles II who passed through Botolphs on his flight to France and final exile.

Today the church is a lovely, peaceful place where time really does seem to stand still. The village itself used to be a flourishing community and even had its own wharf, but the vagaries of the tides of the Adur caused the village to decline, and in 1534 the parish was legally wound up. Some pretty cottages remain, but the nearby cement works have undoubtedly blighted the surroundings and Pevsner puts it well when he sums up Botolphs as ‘a tiny depopulated flint-built hamlet which has had the nineteenth and twentieth century thrown at it’.

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