WEST SUBURBS Cornelia’s US Map & Phone & Address

245 Washington St. (Rte. 16), Wellesley; (617) 431-2359


Cornelia’s will stuff you until you can’t move. Everything is homemade and hearty, with nothing fancy; shells and gravy (that’s red sauce to the uninitiated), veal parmigiana, cheese lasagna. Mine tried a Parmigiana Sampler for $5.99 several large pieces of both chicken and eggplant, served over pasta, drowning in tomato sauce. Couldn’t finish. The lasagna is out of this world. And they even make fat-free pastas, as if anyone comes here to diet. By the way, the restaurant in Charlestown and the Burlington Mall version have closed.

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It is certainly not advisable to wander around on the sand bar because of the possible danger of quicksand. Budle Bay has some fantastic lugworms that could be used for sea fishing, but it is now illegal to dig for them: someone was successfully prosecuted for the offence of causing suffering to lugworms’ a few years back. There is also a lovely mussel bed in the river bed but that is now a private fishery. The rolling dunes at Ross Sands are a very popular nudists’ spot and, not surprisingly, you get some suspicious glares when approaching too close to the beach by boat. The harbour in Budle Bay was probably one of the main reasons why there were so many ships wrecked on the two-mile stretch of Ross Sands between Budle Bay and Holy Island. Budle Bay’s small sand bar has seen as many as nine ships wrecked on it since 1833 with no fewer than five in which lives were lost: In 1833 the Newcastle steamer Ardincaple was wrecked and nine of her crew drowned. On 28 October 1852 the schooner Manly was lost with all hands. The following year, another two unknown schooners came ashore during storms and were lost with all hands. On 4 January 1857 the Liverpool barque Harmony was wrecked and one of her crew was drowned. On December 14 1913, the 282-ton South Shields steamer Glencona (built 1907) came ashore, but she must have been refloated as she was later wrecked in 1926.

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