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His career had involved successful ventures ranging from commercial construction to Urban Honolulu Subway Map the breeding of champion Arabian horses. With this newfound passion for wine, he decided that his Urban Honolulu Subway Map next pursuit would be to make food-friendly wines that would enhance any dining table. In 1995 Hall purchased 160 acres of former barley fields located just east of Paso Robles.

He planted the 140-acre Home Ranch Vineyard to vines known to suit the terroir, including several Bordeaux and a dozen Rhone varieties. Over the years, Hall acquired additional land and extended his planting to include five Portuguese varieties that are used to create a traditional vintage port each year. Given his love of the land and environment, in 2008 all three vineyards earned SIP (Sustainability in Practice) certification, which verifies the use of farming practices including pest management and water conservation.

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