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Rita Hills to distinguish it from a similarly named appellation in Vancouver Map Chile) is likely to vary significantly from one sourced from the more generic California appellation, which Vancouver Map includes grapes from all over the state. Moreover, informed consumers and wine connoisseurs know that a Chardonnay from the Santa Maria Valley, for example, is apt to display different aromas and flavors than a Chardonnay originating in Paso Robles. When a winery located in one appellation uses grapes from another appellation to make a particular wine, the label indicates the source of the fruit, rather than the physical location of the winery.

For instance, Thacher Winery, in the Paso Robles appellation, sometimes sources Syrah from Monterey County. Hence the label reads Thacher Winery Syrah, Coast View Vineyard, Monterey County. Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties currently contain or are located within the following appellations: Most vintners agree that wine is made not in the cellar, but in the vineyard, where sun, soil, and water collectively known as terroir impart varietal flavor.

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