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On 8 November 448 Flavian convoked the bishops present at Constantinople to resolve a question relating to disputes between Florentinus of Sardis and two of his suffragans. On this occasion Eusebius of Dorylaeum, who had earlier accused Nestorius, brought an accusation against the monk Eutyches, charging him with errors in Christology. Eutyches appeared, only after repeated summons, on 22 November. His claim to recognize two natures in Christ before the union, but only one after, was identified as erroneous, and he was condemned and deposed from his priestly and monastic dignities. This act marked the beginning of the monophysite crisis. 449. On 19 April 449 a local council met to examine a protest by Eutyches that the acts of the council which condemned him had been falsified. After close examination it was decided that there had been no falsification, though the acts had not been drawn up with much care. 449450. A local council held under Anatolius withdrew certain cities from the jurisdiction of the bishop of Tyre and transferred them to that of Berytus Beirut.

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1748 In September, a Swedish disciple of the great botanist Afghanistan Map Tourist Attractions Carl Linnaeus, Peter Kalm, arrives in North Country. Kalm will gather plants in Pennsylvania, Afghanistan Map Tourist Attractions New York, New Jersey, and New France, and meet many Country botanists, natural historians, and other scientists before leaving for Sweden in February 1751. The clergyman-physician Jared Eliot publishes the first of six short treatises, Essays on Field-Husbandry in New England. The last pamphlet in the series, which adapts the new agricultural ideas of the Englishman Jethro Tull and other improvers to New England, will be published in 1759. The Charleston Library Society is founded in South Carolina.

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