Vietfoods Restaurant US Map & Phone & Address

627 Main St. Waltham; (617) 894-9783

More and more people are finding out about this suburban secret, as evidenced by its recent move to larger quarters across from Waltham City Hall; even so, the prices seem too good to be true. This cozy, family-run establishment is what the new Waltham scene is all about; inexpensive, authentic, ethnic dining.

Spring roll appetizers (vegetarian and non-veg) are $2 a plate, served with spicy and mild sauces. From there, move on to entrees like Meatless House Noodles ($4.25), laced with carrots, scallions, onions, tofu, and bean sprouts. Mine opted for a flavorful lemon grass chicken ($6.75). In fact, the most expensive dish on the menu is the Crispy Hen at $8.50; yes, this is a whole game hen stuffed with pork, mushrooms, onions, scallions and rice sticks then sewn tight, steamed, and deep fried. Now, that’s different.

Portions are generous; most entrees can be easily shared. The service here is friendly, if a bit slow but the food makes it well worth the wait Open for lunch and dinner, every day but Mondays.

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