Food culture in Singapore

There are approximately 5.4 million people living here in Singapore who each shares one common interest which is a love for the country’s diverse mix of food. Here, the Singaporean lifestyle revolves around food, and a culture of eating a meal 4 or 5 times a day is upheld. With such an abundance of excellent eating establishments, business meetings are also often held over a superb meal.

The people in Singapore are known to be among the most fanatical people in the world when it comes to food, and can frequently to be seen waiting in a long queue to dine on their favorite food from a particular restaurant or market stall, commonly known as a hawker center.

A hawker center is the most traditional of places here for the Singaporeans to get something to eat. People converge on the hawker centers throughout the day and night where they are able to select from the row upon row of stalls selling a huge variety of dishes.

This enormous focus on food means that many people in Singapore earn their living from providing food to the population. Due to the multicultural make up of the country, Singapore has a diverse range of cuisines on offer which includes Indian, Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian.

Menus in Singapore will be found to contain a mixture of the Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Malay and Eurasian foods. The most traditional dishes are based on noodles, rice, and seafood. These so called pillars are the main dishes traditional to Singapore, and some of the delicious foods that you will encounter are listed below:
Chili Crab – Pelagic Crabs served with sauce.

Fish head Curry – A common and unique dish to Singapore, which encompasses a taste of South-Indian curries.
Fried Carrot Cake – Predominantly, known as, Chao gau guo and is usually made using rice flour.
Hainanese chicken Rice – One of the favorite national dishes of Singapore, and can be found at each and every eating establishment.

Hokkien Prawn mee – Also known as noodles in Singapore is made from pork bones and prawn heads. It smells awesome!
Kaya Toast A perfect snack that goes well with the local Kopi (coffee) and Teh (tea).
Laksa – A wonderful mix of spices and coconut milk. Thick vermicelli is broken into small pieces. Katong laksa is the most famous one of the varieties on offer.
Nasi Lemak – Also well known as rich rice, is full of flavor. It is basically aromatic rice served with padan leaves and coconut milk.

Rozak – Sweet, sour and spicy. Rozak contains vegetables, fruits and dough fritters with a black sauce, and is served with ginger flowers for extra flavor.

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