Visit the Kilombero River in Tanzania

Sunrise here is all about clouds the seeing these magnificent colors the fishing fleet is on its way in with a night’s catch, and we’re going to check out. How successful they’ve been this hubbub, and seething mass of humanity is the mega Guney fish market it seems disordered when in fact, it’s very organized.

Visit the Kilombero River in Tanzania Photo Gallery

This is Africa in the rule here you can buy fish of all shapes, and sizes singly or in big lots, and if you’re tempted by the delicious cooking smells then you can eat here too we’re getting away from the bright lights, and temptations of the city for break, and look at Coney Beach before we leave for the solution it everyone here has something to sell whoever selling bikes is doing a great job, and must be coining it macoco knee just look around, it’s magnificent perhaps we should forget the saloon just park off on the beach Mohammed is in the process of building a lodge in this little piece of paradise, it’s a slow process but then everything here moves a little more slowly must be the heat the lodge is certainly going to be fabulous but the tents are quite comfortable sometimes the simple knife is just right could you possibly imagine a better spot for dinner sunset on the beach a big fire, and simply the very best home-cooked food Mohammed. This is just amazing. I know you told me you had a mangrove swamp here.

I had no idea that it was as developed as this um. How long has it taken a to to get to the stage when we bought this land this did not exist all that we found here we are stumped like this the villages around here had cut the whole forest, and the best we did was to transplant, and you’re looking into a work that took about to years now, it’s just incredibly really as dense it is incredible. Because this has given us there more than species of birds around here we have about that’s been attracted by the mangrove exactly bird life is prolific yeah wonderful there’s also very interesting marine life, and you see hermit crabs, and things like the answer this really is beautiful but, it’s time to move on the solute all’s.

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