Klungkung Palace Bali Indonesia

Kun kun was the ancient capital of Bali which is located four kilometres from Samoa Garuda among the remaining ancient buildings the building of the former Court attracts the most visitors the King used to judge here in those cases that were beyond the rural magistrate’s range the frescoes of the beautifully decorated building are illustrations of Mahabharata, and Ramayana gods who prevent people from committing.

Klungkung Palace Bali Indonesia Photo Gallery

A sin the guilt frescoes depicting illogical animals, and monsters while a colorfully painted wooden statue personifies the mythological lion Singha Umbara however tempting the cool waves of the Indian Ocean are we should take the tropical Sun seriously at noon.

It’s unwise to spend much time in the Sun, and it’s always advisable to use suntan lotion with the high Sun Protection factor limit yourself to the Sun gradually, and drink a lot of liquids we shouldn’t forget that we aren’t as used to this climate as the local people who even do physical work in the hot Sun.

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