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The tourism industry in Israel has flourished on account of the constant involvement and investment by the government in the tourism sector which has resulted in the influx of foreign tourists in this middle eastern country. From monuments, domes and tombs of historical and religious significance to churches, this country offers a traveler spiritual solace and divine interaction. Not only does Israel attract tourists for religious purposes but the sprawling nightlife and never-ending party life has also inscribed Israel in the young travelers itinerary.

The fact that Israel is one of the most secular, tourist friendly and nondiscriminating countries adds to its glory in attracting tourists from all across the globe. Israel offers a plethora of Israel tourist attractions, so it is important to chalk out aa proper must visits which you should not miss, some of which are mentioned below.

1. The City that never sleeps

Tel Aviv is the perfect gateway for young bag packers who are looking forward to some thrills, chills, entertainment and who want to experience the nightlife of Israel. Tel Aviv is cosmopolitan and is also known as the city for gays and due to its tourist friendly attitude, this city is one of the must place visits in this country. During summer months, it is recommended that you experience the nightlife in one of the beachside cafes and bars.

2. Baha gardens

This is a one of a kind and should definitely be a top priority in your planned tour. The enchanting and magical terrace of Bahai in the city of Haifa are sure to leave you spellbound on account of its grandeur and beauty. An important notification is that there is no charge for entering this garden but you should be dressed in a modest attire.

3. Mountain fortress of Masada

This mountain fortress is one of a kind and rests on a plateau while overlooking the dead Sea. If adventures run through your genes then take up a walk up the snake path to the highest point of masada. This particular place would also draw historians since according to history, 1000 Jews native to this place sacrificed their lives instead giving in to domination.

There are numerous major attractions in Israel, and it would take you months to cover each and every spot! Hence the above mentioned three places should definitely be in your to see list.

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