Sicilia by Car: TOP Interesting Beach Territories around the Island

Sicilia is surrounded by 1000 km of coastline. Travelling by car with the speed of 100 km per hour, you can round the island for one day. Here is a little guide for tourists, who are ready to travel around the Italian island. This is your chance to make a trip over the popular and seldom-visited beaches of Sardinian, Ionian and Mediterranean Sea.

Around the Sicilian Shore
The bigger part of the shore is beach territory of different accomplishments. The private Italian beaches are commercial. The part of commercial Italian beaches аre situated in the big cities. The prices start from 5 to 15 EUR. You usually pay for sun shadows, one or two sunbeds, cloak room and clean attractive beach territory. There are also many municipal beaches. They are free. You should take your sun shade and beach towel with you. Want something more exotic? You can visit one of numerous wild beaches. They are not equipped and seldom-visited.

Which Way to Choose
The island territory is surrounded by three seas. As a matter of fact, you should travel by plane, train or ferry to get there. It is better to start with Palermo. This is the capital city of the island, famous of its unique combination of many cultures (Byzantines and Normans, Greeks and Arabians, Baroque and Easters architecture, luxury and poverty). You can buy plane ticket from Rome or use night express from Milan, whatever. It is not a problem to buy ticket for charter flight in Palermo.

As you know, Palermo is situated on the banks of Sardinian Sea. It gets warm first in June. The rest territory of the eastern coast is still cool. It is better to travel along the sea coast by car. The choice is wide. The usual price for rental car starts from 300-500EUR for 12 days. You can also rent a car in Catania to continue your trip around the island with comfort. Everything depends on your destination. All cars are equipped with GPS navigator and road map of Sicilia is available.

Beaches of Taormina

It is better to go to Ionian shore, coming closer to the famous volcano – Etna. The tons of cold water are flowing down from the mountain hills to the Ionian water zone. So, the water is always cool and clear here, especially in the beginning of summer. It is windy and wavy here. The popular resort city Taormina offers the most expensive and luxury vacation. Taormina boasts with two popular beaches: Giardini Naxo and Mazzaro.

Giardini Naxo
Giardini was a small fishing village many years ago. It is high class Sicilian resort city now. It is full of citrus trees, free and fee broad beach territories. You are met with the numerous hotels, palmettos and pistachios. The Northern part of the bay is high; the beaches are small and rocky. There is a big municipal beach in the center and several kilometers of a broad sandy shore around.


Mazzaro is situated in a picturesque bay at the bottom of Taormina. The beach is characterized with green rocks and fine pebble. This place is great alternative to crowded and noisy Giardini. The sea is clean and free. Diving, surfing is available. The infrastructure is not good: you may use sunshades and sunbeds just not far from the restaurant. This is your chance to enjoy the natural beauty of one of the best of Sicilian beaches. Looking for a good hotel with the beach territory, pay attention to Mazzaro Sea Palace, Hilton.

The family couples choose Spisone beach or Lido beach. Both of them were popular for Hollywood stars many years ago. They are free for visiting now.

Beaches of Catania

The city Catania is situated close to the popular volcano – Etna. You can climb the mountain on foot, by bus or funicular. Speaking about the sea and beach, there is a broad golden territory for 18 kilometers. You can find clean water, the best in Catania, and big stripe of clean and pleasant sand. Playa in Catania boasts with clean sand, well-developed infrastructure: sun shades, cafes, restaurants.

There are many hotels that attract tourists with their private beach territory. For example, Le Dune Hotel and Bahia Verde boast with their comfortable private go-down to the sea. Other popular hotels, such as Romano Palace and Parco degli Aragonesi offer their comfortable beach territory.

You can climb up the mountain, using your car (rental car services of Catania are always near at hand), and private train from the Circumetnea railway station or metro. Your station to go out is Rifugio Sapienza. This is the place to start climbing Etna in spring and summer. You should take sweater because the temperature is cool on the top. Remember, city metro and trains do not go to the top of Etna on weekends.

Beaches of Syracuse

Leaving Catania, it is time to drive your car to the South. It takes you about one hour to get to Syracuse. The city is usually called the pearl of Sicilia. This is your chance to meet one of the most picturesque Italian beaches – Gala Moshe. The beach is situated in the reservation territory. You can meet flamingo, herons, gannets and other birds. There are no municipal and private beaches in the city. Nevertheless, the city suburbs boast with sandy territories and warm sea. The beaches here are luxury. Good prestigious car is what you Must Have to visit at least one of them.

Sicilia is beautiful in different season and weather. If you want to have some rest far from the crowded places, you should come in September. The early autumn is the right season for warm weather: you can swim and laze in the sun on the beach. Evening is the right place to walk around the territory, admiring the beautiful views. What is more, the most of hotels in September are on sale.

If you still do not know what Italian beach you want to visit, pay attention to Catania. You can find a place for different tastes: sandy or rocky beaches, for surfers and families with kids, private and municipal, for extreme sports and interesting vacation. Come and see! It must be interesting.

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