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Forget the dress fittings, invitation lists and seating plans – from the moment you float down Lucknam’s mile-long driveway (even more dazzling in spring when thousands of daffodils raise their sunny heads to greet you), the calming countryside vibe (think green fields, crackling log fires and princess-style four-poster bedrooms) instantly helps lower your blood pressure.

Where is Cotswolds? | Map of Cotswolds | Cotswolds Spa Travel Photo Gallery

Flop into the newly opened Espa spa, which has a menu of aromatherapy-based treatments designed to have you levitating off the couch in a semi-conscious state of bliss. For bridezillas who need to shed their scales and trade in anger issues for some swan-like serenity, the Espa Inner Calm Massage, which hydrates skin and soothes the soul through a series of controlled inhalations, is a tonic.

The therapist gives you a top-to-toe warm oil massage, working smooth rose quartz crystals over your third eye (the energy point in the middle of the forehead), said to restore focus and clarity. A trip to the Wellbeing House for some gentle Pilates or yoga is also a must. Afterwards, relax in the sunlight therapy room – which mimics sunset and sunrise – with healing red LED light to balance your mood and treat the winter blues. Then head to the skincare cocktail bar, where staff will show you how to mix serums and layer products for the ultimate bridal glow. OA Classic Room costs from £295 per night; lucknampark.co.uk

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